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Opening times for GuideGunnar during Aurora season: 
I am night person as a Aurora chaser, so NO early phone calls, please!

Telephone times
: 12.00 noon to 20.00 / 8 pm

Mobile phone: +47 93 443 443

Email: info@guide-gunnar.no

Visitor Address: Bjørnskar, road 863, 19 km north of the Kvalsund tunnel, 20 km before Hansnes.
Post Mail Address: Bjørnskar, N-9130 Hansnes




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GuideGunnar`s Camp Aurora

My new basecamp you will find on the island Ringvassøya, 39 km north of Tromsø airport.
The architects have the project on theirs table now, and hopefully the first buildings will begin to rise spring 2016 ...

Please follow the action on >>>