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GuideGunnar`s Camp Aurora!


Over view over my back yard and location by the fjord, from the mountain Skalltinden, 900 m.asl.


Bjørnskar, Ringvassøya

  • Bought this house and 96000 sqm land from the fjord and up to a mountain lake, in May 2012
  • Location are 38 km north of Tromsø airport, on the island Ringvassøya (tunnel connection) along the road Fv. 863, towards Hansnes
  • My plan are to build up a Accommodation (2016), New kitchen (2016), Glas cabins (2016), Northern lights observatorium (2018), ...
  • September 2012: First meeting with the Municipal Council
  • December 2012: I hire a company for make the development plan
  • March 2014: The development plan for my project are back at the Municipal Council
  • May 2014: Two architects have been on visit and will begin to drawn all my dreams
  • August 2014: First workshop with the architects... I am really looking forward to see what they get down on the drawning board..;)
  • August 2014: The development plan for was 2nd time treated in the Presidency meeting August 20th, and was recommended approved
  • September 2014: First ideas ready on the paper from the architects... please check out the pictures below...
  • October 2014: The development plan was approved by the Municipality Council
  • January 2015: The architects was ready with step 1 of 3...
  • May 2015: Meeting with my Coordinator for continue the work with the architects...
  • June 2015: Scheduled meetings with the Architects and Innovation Norway...
  • I am looking for an investor, for Norway`s first (?) glas cabins. Please contact me by email, info@guide-gunnar.no

August 2014

The first plan by the first visit of the architects in May 2014...

The first idea how the new rooms can be placed in new buildings north of my house today...